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There was a moment when my wonder of nature and the reality of how I was spending my time collided. The question I asked myself was straight up: if I had to face myself at the end of my time on earth, would I be able to account for and justify the direction I took? Call it spirit. Call it muse. The answer was clear and concise. NO.

My action was swift and scary yet soothing and predictable. Denying my storytelling with brush and paint would no longer be an option. I quit my retail career and cashed in my 401K. Inspired moments on paper were ignited and the fireworks began.

Whether it be starry night skies in an earthly palette or layered collages of smooth cut metal and paper, I immerse myself in a world of expressionist realism by exploring a contemporary observation of nature. My art remains as consistent and varied as the mountains and desert plateaus that not only inspire my work but have cradled my life for the last 50 years.

These works, past and present, represent a connection to my art and are my contribution to the world.

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