Three Women…

Three Women…

I’ve yet to find a stronger bond than that of womanhood.
Lives break and leave us in silence.
We are burdened with uncertainty.

We might be sinking, walking our final footsteps, loosing our language
or be on some love detour.

And, here comes our friend, sister, mother, aunt, or niece, like an angel’s orchestra.
We ask for help to start over and these women stand us up,
take our fire-words and hand us our swords.

Through long associations in faded scrapbooks or short sessions in a therapist chair
they keep our defeats at bay and our victories the rule.

They are the women who repair us, love us and encourage us to shine.
It’s the one image I paint that’s as penetrating and important as my work itself.

Women of  Spring








This would be their last night for viewing
Parting clouds reveled the promise
Clearing skies opened their hearts
One final wish

Opera Stars











A clay crown canopy
Stood beneath drama’s throne
Sacred sounds spilled forth
Below, act one began

The Clue










One held the past too close
One wished away the day
One heard the songs of souls
One brought them home to stay

Once They Walked Together










Carmine army
Entertained guests
Balm of life
Mother’s poem

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