Small Works
start by cultivating a small ways mind-set.
Every time our eyes meet and scan the art
we are reminded
beauty is reached by enjoying
small, simple things in life.
They are living in the moment.
Unnecessary elements are removed.
Small works become the peace & harmony
we strive to achieve
when we allow are true spirits to emerge.








Small Floral Works
are simple views that grow strong
when inessentials are eliminated.
We are offered
a fragmentary glimpse of the whole.
Beauty is found by parring down
to the barest essence of the image.
They are authentic, simple, uncluttered,
modest, quiet and most of all…
wait patiently to be discovered.








Small Abstract/Collage Works
are romantic patterns
you can imagine surrounding you
for a very long time.
They are beyond interesting.
They are beyond fascinating or fantastic.
They are harmonic, peaceful & balanced.
They are content to be little.








Small Fruit Works
Nature’s natural growth,
as well as our own,
are celebrated
via patterns and positions
representing marks of time, weather
and the loving use we leave behind.
Apples and pears
will forever bring to mind
memories of my home.

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