Let’s go…

Collectors want to know about my technique
but far more want to know the source of my ideas…
the core of my subject matter…
the exchange I have between mind and paper.

A-borning life beats behind every image I create.

There are springs I embraced with captured patterns,
summers I’ve yet unpacked,
falls that have been warmed by the cold and healed by silence
and winters with their listening black skies that throw change and discovery into my work.

My full heart is the potent spell that keeps me picking up the pencils each and every day.

Painting is an obsessive journey that owns me.
It heats my life and keeps my days and years at high tide.
Painting and all its required hats is the all-day, sometimes all-night, bell-never-rings,
and can’t-get-enough road that fills my tank.

I’m excited to share my art world with you!
It will be fun to reflect, question and share.

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