It’s Good to Give…


It’s good to give…

This weekend I will be attending the 13th annual Mountain Art Gathering.
Part of the festivities included in this event is a gala auction evening.
Each artist donates an auction item with 100% of the sale
going to support the Summit Foundation, a non-profit in Summit County.
As an artist, you will be asked again and again to donate a piece of your art.

My 2011 Mountain Art Gathering donation, "The Mended Day"

Find out everything about the charity or philanthropic organization
that is calling for a donation.

Read up on their history, boards and causes.
When you hear breast cancer, hospice or
child-rites do you feel a twitch in your heart?
If so, you have just discovered the charity
that works for you.

Here’s what I request.

Don’t pull that sorry looking painting, sculpture
or photo from the back of your closet and hope
that it helps “the” cause.

If you’ve done your homework
and you’ve found the charity you want to support,
support it!

Your work is going to be sitting on a table with
a white bid sheet next to it.
Make it standout from the others
because it’s a great piece of art
that you are proud to donate.

Or it might be carried around a room
while an auctioneer tries to get the highest bid.

All the while you’re standing up there with that sorry piece of art you pulled out of the closet.
You bought a new dress, jeans or new something and now you’re up there looking real pretty
while that sorry piece of art hopes to make a dent on the bottom line of the auction recap.

Think about this.  You’re a professional.  Put your best art forward.


Child Rite Donation

Sometimes, you’ll be asked to create
a piece of art outside your area of expertise.

Do it!

I’ve painted chairs, trays, and retablos.

I even painted  a life size horse!

It’s fun and refreshing.
You’ll find yourself totally absorbed
in creating something new, different
and challenging.




If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with an amazing collector
as well as forging a lifetime friendship.
Dr. Bev Elliott put me into the “Trail of Painted Ponies” project.
We’ve become good friends and she is one of my greatest collectors.  Thanks Bev!

Trail of Painted Ponies Horse


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  • I like the chair you painted. I think I saw a painting of the finished horse a couple of years ago. How fun to see you “in progress” with it!

    1 Rebecca Reeder said this (August 27, 2011 at 11:14 am) Reply

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